I had been struggling for years to lose weight without success. After the first Lavar H2O  cleansing session, my face stops to be oily the next day. My waist line reduced rapidly  ...Read More

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“For years I had struggled to lose weight but had very little success. But, after my first colon cleansing session at Lavar, my waistline shrunk rapidly, my face became less oily, and I’m so much more regular. I even have to wear a belt because my pants are so big now! Going to Lavar is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

- Rose Z.

Vancouver, BC


"I found the whole procedure to be very comfortable and private. By the third visit I became a pro at it. Lavar does recommend having at least 3 sessions in a row and now I know why. Your colon is 5 feet long and it takes a several treatments for the cleansing to work itself up that far. On the third day I could not believe all the junk that was coming out and how amazing I felt afterwards!"

- Gail N.
Vancouver, BC 


 “I eat well, go to gym regularly, take vitamins every day, and I know I am fit. So, I was very surprised to see so much waste being cleansed from my body even on my first treatment at Lavar! I totally recommend colon hydrotherapy for anyone looking to add another healthy habit to their lifestyle.”

- Cindy L.

Richmond, BC


“I have been colon cleansing regularly for years through my naturopath but Lavar’s hydrotherapy treatments are the best I have ever had! This is truly first-class cleansing.”

-David A.

Burnaby, BC


“I’ve never been skinny in my entire life and I constantly worry about the way I look. But, after my first cleanse at Lavar, my stomach was so much flatter, I felt less bloated, and my appetite had decreased. Seeing how much my body had changed inspired me to eat healthier and start on a fitness program. Thanks to Lavar I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.”

-Sasha M.

Burnaby, BC


“I have a very stressful job and I’m always tense. This has caused me to have terrible bowel movements, bloating, and constant abdominal pain. My friend recommended I check out Lavar and after just one cleansing session, I felt so much more relaxed and that uncomfortable feeling of fullness had dissipated. I’ll definitely make Lavar a regular part of my weekly routine.”

-Mike R.

Vancouver, BC




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