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Lavar Spa Cleansing Tips


During any cleansing regimen it is important to achieve and maintain a healthy pH level in your body. This means optimizing your alkalinity levels while decreasing your acidity. Due to increased consumption of processed, sugar-laden, fast foods, however, many people’s acidity levels have skyrocketed. Unfortunately, prolonged acidity within individuals can lead to many common ailments including hormonal changes, weight gain, immune deficiency, stressed liver function, low energy, and slow digestion and elimination to name a few. Diseases may thrive in an acidic environment, but research has shown that it cannot survive in an alkaline state.

Total Body Wellness Means Adopting Healthy Habits

Achieving an optimal alkaline state doesn’t have to be a struggle. In addition to exercising and eating well, it is important to add in regular colon cleansing treatments to your daily, weekly, and monthly routine. Regular cleansing is a safe and effective way to achieve total body wellness, lose weight, and discover your best health.


    Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to help you on the road to wellness:

      • Drink 8 glasses of purified water with a slice of lemon per day
      • Eat 4 servings of organic leafy and colorful vegetables as well as 2 servings of organic fruits per day
      • Limit protein intake (consult with your physician)
      • Consume one ounce of UDO’s oil or Extra Virgin olive oil without heating in a salad, smoothie, or capsule supplement
      • Drink one ounce of a greens supplement per day

          The goal is to balance your daily intake with 75% alkaline and 25% acidic foods to maintain a healthy pH level in your body. Here are some of the worst acidic foods to avoid and some of the best alkaline foods to consume:

          Foods with a Strong Acid pH
(AVOID and/or LIMIT) Food with a Mild
          Acidic pH
          (AVOID and/or LIMIT)
          Foods with a Mild Alkaline pH
          Food with a Strong Alkaline pH
          Red Meat Grains Tofu Green Vegetables
          Alcohol Lgumes Green Vegetables Amaranth
          Eggs Peanuts Olive Oil Real Salt
          Dried Fruit Canola oil Goat's Milk Cucumber
          Sugars Fruit juice Almonds Beet Greens
          Hard Cheese Milk, Rice, Soy Milk Buckwheat Alkaline Water


          It is also a good idea to AVOID the following:

              • Coffee, tea, soft drinks
              • Deep fried food, preserved food, and processed foods
              • Alcohol and cigarettes


                To further fine tune your body and strengthen your body’s ability to eliminate waste, we recommend the following lifestyle changes:

                    • Exercise 1 hour per day
                      • Bath in epson Salt warm water daily
                      • Sleep 8 hours per day
                      • Brush and floss teeth 3 times per day, scaling every 9 months
                      • Therapeutic massages and saunas weekly or at least once a month
                      • Colon cleanse weekly or at least once a month


                          Please note that it is recommended you consult with a physician before starting any exercise or cleansing program.

                          To learn more about how Lavar’s colon cleansing treatments can help you rid your body of toxins, lose weight, and achieve total body wellness, contact us today or visit our FAQs page.


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