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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What’s the procedure?

Each of Lavar H2O Cleansing Spa’s colon hydrotherapy sessions are automated using the most advanced equipment in the world. Each colon cleansing session takes place in your own private, relaxing, aromatherapy-scented room.

Clients lie down on a comfortable bed and a one-time use, disposable nozzle as thin as a pencil introduces purified water into your colon. This water gently flows into your lower colon to soften the stools while stimulating the natural peristaltic motions needed to flush waste and toxins out.


2.What's the immediate result? 

The purified water that gently flows into your lower colon softens the stools, thus leading to a large bowel movement during and/or after each hydrotherapy session. It is also common for older, more toxic stools that originate higher up the colon to be softened from the purified water. As a result, many clients often experience additional large bowel movements immediately after or in the days following each colon cleansing session.

Having increased bowel movements both during and after a colon hydrotherapy session is completely expected and safe. Clients often report feeling lighter and more relaxed. Over time, our patients also notice a decrease in health issues such as constipation, abdominal pain, oily skin, and even headaches.


3.Is it safe to cleanse my colon?

Unlike traditional colonics and harsh chemical alternatives, Lavar’s gentle colon hydrotherapy treatments provide clients with a relaxing and private cleansing experience that is extremely safe and highly beneficial as part of your daily health routine. If you have any questions before, during, or after your colon cleansing session, Lavar’s friendly and highly-trained hydrotherapy specialists are always available to assist you.  

Since January 2010, Lavar H2O Cleansing Spa has completed over 4,000 cleansing sessions with some satisfied clients cleansing as often as twice a day. There have been ZERO incidents reported during and after treatments.


4.What kind of colon cleansing treatments does my naturopath offer?

Naturopathic and alternative health clinics currently use a closed or manual hydrotherapy system. A colon cleansing specialist is present with you during the entire treatment. First, a nozzle that is about one inch wide is inserted into your colon. The entire experience is often reported by clients as being embarrassing, uncomfortable, and quite painful. The cleansing specialist monitors the entire session while in the room with you and manually pumps water into your colon. Clients who choose to try this kind of colonic should note that the nozzle used in your treatment is disinfected and recycled for use on other patients.

Lavar’s colon hydrotherapy treatments, however, are completely private and employ only one-time use, disposable nozzles as thin as a pencil to gently and comfortably introduce purified water into your colon. Lavar Spa’s open-system equipment is completely automated, meaning the water pressure and temperature can be completely controlled by you to ensure your comfort, safety, and treatment effectiveness. If you have any questions before, during, or after your hydrotherapy session, Lavar’s friendly and highly-trained cleansing specialists are always available to assist you.


5.Do colon hydrotherapy treatments hurt?

Most clients do not find Lavar Spa’s colon hydrotherapy treatments painful. The most common feeling clients experience is an urge for an immediate bowel movement. This is completely normal and encouraged.

However, those who have serious constipation, IBS, or digestive issues, may experience temporary symptoms such as light nausea, headaches, gas, or cramps during or after their first few sessions. This is also completely normal and expected. These temporary symptoms flair when toxins that have lain dormant for so long in your body are disturbed. In other words, your body has become so used to holding onto these toxins that your entire system experiences a temporary “shock” when it begins to expel this harmful waste. Rest assured that these symptoms are merely temporary. To relieve them quicker, we recommend two colon cleansing sessions a day for a week to speed the release of toxins and internal waste.


6. Can I lose weight by cleansing my colon with hydrotherapy treatments?

Regularly cleansing your colon is one of the best ways to effectively lose weight and maintain an ideal body shape. One of the main reasons for weight gain is because your natural ability to discharge waste is compromised. At least three to five bowel movements are required per day to ensure adequate expulsion of harmful waste and toxins. However, many people only have bowel movements once a day whereas others go only every other day. This results in excessive waste accumulating in your colon, small intestines, and ultimately your entire blood system and organs.

To reverse this damaging cycle, Lavar H2O Cleansing Spa provides clients with a safe and highly effective solution to cleansing their colons and bodies of harmful waste and toxins. Through an automated system controlled by you, purified water is used to flush out waste right at the source of the build up. This water gently flows into your lower colon to soften the stools and soothingly stimulates the natural peristaltic motions needed to expel waste and toxins. If used as part of your daily or weekly health regimen, this process can help your colon recover its original muscle strength in addition to helping you flatten your belly (since your colon is no longer full of waste) and safely lose weight.


7. I am not overweight. Do I still need colon hydrotherapy cleansing treatments?

Just like brushing teeth or taking a shower, colon cleansing should also be part of your personal hygiene and health routine. However, most people are not aware that their colons are full of waste and toxins that are extremely harmful to their health.

Many individuals suffer from the following chronic ailments:
Constipation, diarrhea, IBS;
Bad breath, gas, and indigestion;
Sleep loss, hair loss, and decreased sex drives;
Fatigue, anxiety, depression, and stress;
Joint pain, back pain, abdominal pain;
Oily skin, uneven skin tone, and acne;
Weakened immune systems, allergies, and hives.

The ailments noticed above are often considered “symptoms” of health crisis’s that are pigeon-holed as simply part of the “normal aging process”:

Colon cancer and tumors;
High blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol;
Diabetes, stroke, and Arthritis.

8. Can regular colon cleansing wash out the good bacteria in my colon?

No. Good intestinal bacteria are not able to survive in a toxic, acidic environment that occurs when one’s colon is filled with huge levels of accumulated waste. The normal human body always holds some level of waste in their intestines and body – this is completely normal and expected. It is only when these waste levels reach a toxic point that symptoms such as acne, weight gain, and IBS occur and become chronic conditions. Regular colon cleansing treatments will remove these toxins before they reach a harmful level. This ensures that your intestinal health remains strong, thus creating a pH-balanced environment for good bacteria to grow and thrive.


9. I have frequent bowel movements and do not feel constipated. Do I still need to regularly cleanse my colon?

When we reach the age of 25, studies have shown that we have accumulated up to 20 - 25 pounds of waste and toxins in our colons. Lavar’s gentle hydrotherapy treatments help flush these toxins out while improving your colon’s strength, and overall intestinal health. Just like your car requires ongoing oil changes and tune ups, your body also needs regular cleansing to maintain an optimal level of health.


10. Will I become dependent on colon cleansing if I get regular colon hydrotherapy treatments?

No. Regular colon cleansing ignites regular bowel movements like no other treatment is capable of. Lavar’s gentle hydrotherapy sessions effectively stimulate the natural peristaltic motions of your colon. Over time, this increases your colon’s muscle strength to a level where it is able to regularly and frequently have good quality bowel movements.

As an example, an IBS-sufferer who used to have only one bowel movement per week tried hydrotherapy at Lavar Spa as a last ditch effort to become more regular and treat her painful condition. Within months of having regular hydrotherapy treatments, she was thrilled to have one bowel movement every other day on her own. Her regularity is still improving steadily as she continues with Lavar’s H2O cleansing regimen.


    11. My kids are overweight, what age is appropriate for Lavar H2O Cleansing?

    It is crucial for children to start colon cleansing early, especially if they already have weight, joint, or skin issues. Parental supervision is required if your child is under the age of 16.


    12. I maintain a healthy diet and I exercise regularly. Do I still need to cleanse my colon?

    Yes. Optimum health is achieved through five major factors: healthy food, daily exercise, adequate sleep, a positive attitude, and regular colon cleansing. Missing any one of these factors will compromise your overall health and quality of life. For most health enthusiasts, Lavar’s colon cleansing treatments are the missing link they need to achieve optimal health.


    13. While colon cleansing is an important part of achieving total body wellness, it may not be suitable for those suffering from the following:




    Abdominal hernia, previous abdominal surgery, abnormal distension, acute liver failure, anemia, aneurysms, colon cancer, any cardiac condition, Cohorts Disease, colitis, dialysis patients, diverticulosis/diverticulitis, fissures and fistulas, hemorrhaging, hermorrhoidectomy, intestinal perforations, lupus, rectal/colon surgery, renal insufficiencies, or any medications that weaken the intestinal walls.

    Patients experiencing serious ailments who wish to undergo colon cleansing at Lavar need to have a physician or naturopathic doctor's written permission/prescription.





    Any infectious disease or virus, pregnancy, bladder infection, bloating, blood in stools, painful/difficult bowel movements, burning/itching anus, constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, recent barium enema, recent colonoscopy, straining during bowel movements, use of laxatives, or vomiting.

    Please contact Lavar for a complete list of conditions. Clients are responsible for disclosing all health conditions to Lavar Spa. Lavar’s certified colon cleansing therapist will use professional discretion to determine if the client is suitable for colon hydrotherapy.

    Certified colon cleansing therapists do not insert, diagnose, prescribe, and do not cure or treat any condition or disease.

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